100 family names _ 百家姓 / Yunnan, China / 2015

in anciant China, at first they remember some sentences by sound, thenstart to study wrighting.

There are some kind of sentences. I am interested on"Bai jia xing"(100 family names).

Mostly sentencies mean aboutmanner for living, but "Bai jia xing" is just about family namefor study chalactors.

Family is very important social unit in China.

Oldest son keep andcontinue father's family name for next generation for going family histry. Sofamily name is a kind of social sign that they feel something grounding acomunity.

I picked up a cup of water at the lake side in center of the village,then writed down "100 family name" on each door, then I drunk a cupof water when I arrived lakeside of outside of the village.