《 A witch diary / 魔女日記 》/ 2013

a witch diary _ A Banshee,my constellation 魔女日记,哭喪人,我的星座 / Sanyuan art center Tianjin / 2016

a witch diary _ A Banshee,my constellation, Her haiku 魔女日记,哭喪人,我的星座,百人一首 / Lee gallery 荔空间 , Beijing / 2013

When my childhood, I lived in the grandmother’s home for a period of time. That wasan old, Japanese style, wooden house. My great-grandmother livedtheir. For meas a child, she was “a fearful witch”.My grandmother prayed aloudat 6 am every day, facing the direction of the sunrise and on her knees. For me as a child, she was"a witch of morning" .The house-maid “SisterAsako” can kill caterpillars by her hand. “Sister Asako”looked like a “witch of life and death” in my eyes.

My great grandmother ceased to be a geisha, andmarried with "Onogi" family. At that time, she started to write thisdiary. Thenmy grandmother compiled these diaries into a modernJapanese version, and self published, and gifted to her sons, daughters andgrandsons.  You can see some anachronismin the diary. Then I prepared someillustrations and edited the diary as exhibition version.There has been a longtradition of women worshiping gods in Japan. “Onogi” family (my grandmotherfamily) follows such tradition too. So, as the first granddaughter of thisfamily, I think that maybe it is doomed to compile this book.

小时候,我有一段时间住在外祖母家里。那是一个很老的日式老房子。这房子的正门总是闭着。由于平时从厨房门出入,因此正门总显得非常幽暗。对小时候的我来说,住在那家里的外曾祖母是一个可怕的“大魔女”。早上大声祈祷的外婆是对我来说她是个“早上的魔女”。能杀死毛虫的阿姨“朝子姐姐”是“生死的魔女”。 这本日记是外曾祖母不再做艺妓,嫁给“大野木”家后开始写的。后来外祖母重新编写了这些日记,并编制成现代日语版,自费出版后分派给儿子、女儿、孙子家。外祖母是2010年以98岁高龄离世。