Flying butterfly _飞起来的蝴蝶蝶は飛んでいく / Beijing / 2015

It`s for the last day of "apartment dreams come true" art project.

When Song Xi and Yang Xinjia see the room, they saw many butterfly stickers (that was posted by young couples who lived there) on the wall, then they decided to rent this room. I thought it is only place that people doing for `something`... they are only aesthetic stuff in this room. When they are going on the project, people still keep butterflies and didn't change anything. Because they are really powerful, some artists who had join the project got inspiration from this.

So for the last moment of this project, over the three-month period of time, I posted more butterflies everywhere with Song Xi and Yang Xinjia, beyond the unconscious framed, to convey this project for the next person who will rent this room.



芸術家宋兮Song Xiと欣Yang Xinの「圆梦公寓计划(ドリームアパートメント)」プロジェクト。